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Serials in Libraries Discussion Forum

SERIALST (Serials in Libraries Discussion Forum) was established in October 1990, by
Birdie MacLennan, with technical support from the Office of Academic Computing at
the University of Vermont (UVM), in order to serve as an informal electronic forum for
most aspects of serials processing in libraries. In 2014 SERIALST moved to NASIG and
is now under the management of the Communications & Marketing Committee (CMC).
SERIALST's subscriber base is currently at 3,200+ subscribers in 42 countries.

Appropriate topics may include (but are not limited to): cataloging, acquisitions
collection management, serials budgets and pricing issues, binding, preservation,
microfilm, union list activities, news, announcements, and job postings that may be of
interest to the serials community. SERIALST is *NOT* a forum for the trade or
exchange of duplicate, wanted, or unwanted serials.

Address messages to:

Disclaimer: NASIG offers SERIALST as a public service. It does not verify the
accuracy of submitted messages, nor does it endorse opinions expressed by
contributors to the SERIALST forum. Authors of messages to SERIALST are
solely responsible for their content. For additional information see:

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